Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Sexual Harassment Nightmares

This is concept art from my Comic enjoy!

Ok so I haven’t been awake all that long. I woke up and them fell back to sleep even though I was planning to get up. What woke me up the second time is I had a nightmare.

The funny think about nightmares is I love them; they give me ideas to draw things. So I don’t really have them. Honestly the only thing that ever scared me in a dream was if a family member died; until now.

I was dreaming that I was in summer school and I had moved into a house that was shared with 4 people and an RA; 2 girls and 3 guys if you count the RA. The RA however was never around. So that morning I wake up and one of the guys starts hitting on me and making me uncomfortable. So I just I walk away I don’t want to deal with it.

Then that night, in my dream, one of the other guys comes in and we are watching a movie or what ever and I stand up and see he is jerking off and starts smiling and when he is done, he runs downstairs to one of the other rooms screaming about how I am going to be his girl friend and he is so happy.

I start freaking out and panicking. I can’t handle it. I go to the RA and tell hi I need to move immediately I can’t deal with that crap. He tells me sorry there is no other place you can move this is the only house available.

Man I woke up so fast. I think it is one of the first times I recognized how honestly traumatized I was after that experience at last job and some of the other experience I had in Jersey. Heck after leaving this last place I honestly felt like I never wanted to have to work for anyone, again.

I once had a guy, a bus driver, that, when I was getting off the bus he say’s to me “DAMN you need to where a sweater” or some fucked up BS. I was like what. Then he proceeds to stammer around his words and say all this crap about I am fine and just really uncomfortable stuff. I walk away and he is like let me give you a ride home. I say no thanks. I start walking, as fast as, I can because it is a 20 minute walk home and I see him pull up in his car and start yelling out of his car window at me about hey baby let me take you home. I run into a restaurant and hide there for a while.

The crazy thing was, he worked at the bus station so from time to time on my way home from work I couldn’t avoid him, but he didn’t bother me to much because I think he realized I was not about to talk to him. One day he apologized and he never spoke to me again. Thank God.

Guys, if you see a chick minding her business and taken care of business, recognize if she hasn’t ever noticed or talked to you and you don’t know her, even if you see her all the time, she probably has a reason for it. Don’t walk up and talk to her like an idiot, or like some slut you think will have sex with you in the parking lot just for fun.

Speak to her like you would want to be spoken to, because 9 times out of 10 there is a reason why she is staying to herself and the last person she wants to be bothered by is some dude acting like a sexual predator, trying to drool and grab on her. If some one did that to your sister would you be happy about it?

I’m just saying.

God Bless,

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