Saturday, October 31, 2009

Larry Whitaker

Met a amazing animator online. He use to mentor under Dan Haskett.

Check out the reel.

Friday, October 30, 2009

Evaluating my career

One of the things I am constantly doing as an artist especially as someone that does freelance is evaluating my career. One of the main questions I often as myself is if I am happy with the way things are going? Can it be better? Am I making the right decisions?

I like to listen to Stephen Silver and Bobby Chiu a lot as some of you know and the other day Stephen was talking about this idea of experimenting with your career until you find that section or part of the art field that you really enjoy. Then taking that thing and really getting comfortable in it and running with it so that your career is enjoyable. Whether it is character design, animation, comics, caricatures etc, how much do you enjoy it?

So what I decided to do was take an inventory of the parts of my art career I loved the most and try to gear my career in that direction. That way I can not only enjoy my career but also my artistic personal life.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

This is going to be a long ass month

As I was saying yeah, I am swamped and I am not sleeping cause I am swamped. I have 3 cards set, a comic book and around 35 commissions that need to be completed. I am about to commit suicide over here.

so you may not be hearinf from me for a little bit of time as I try my best to complete a crap load of art work amd a lot of it has deadlines.

As a result though I won't have an actual income for over a month. so I need to sell sketch books if I want to actually be able to eat in November Woo Hoo!!

I need sleep!



The Sketch book is still available on eBay if anyone is interested!

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