Saturday, September 24, 2011


Ok this Girl is just so beautiful I am very serious I love her workouts and I can do them at the studio. So you should check her out to. man I never knew you could do all that with a chair.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Vitamin C a miricle vitamin?

So I watched this movie called Food Matters and they were talking about the use of vitamin c to treat illness and I found it really intriging. One of the things that really got my attention was the mention that Vitamin C could very possibly treat and alleviate arthritis. i wasn't thinking about this for myself but actually for my mom that comolainss a great deal about being in a lot of pain.

So I decided I wanted to test out the theory. I told her about it and she went out and bought a 500 count bottle and is taking like 6000 mg a day. she said literally the day after she started taking it that her pain was virtually gone.

According to vitamin c has in fact been known to cure or treat the following health issues:

Herpes Zoster (shingles)
Herpes Simplex
Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever
Bladder Infection
Some Cancers
Ruptured Intervertebral Disc
High Cholesterol
Corneal Ulcer
Burns and secondary infections
Heat Stroke
Radiation Burns
Heavy Metal Poisoning (Mercury, Lead)
Venomous Bites (insects, snakes)
Multiple Sclerosis
Chronic Fatigue
Complications of Surgery

I think it is crazy cause there are some major chronic diseases on this list including diabetes and alcoholism. And if you have Mercury filling in your mouth which anyone that has ever had a cavity filled has a mercury filling. Then I can probably help to improve any mercury poisoning that might possibly come from your teeth over time.

Anyway, so I figure if it is non toxic and you can literally take as much as you want why not give it a try.

Space girl Amaka Number 2

This is her is more of an albino look. I like it.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Space girl Amaka Number 3

Here is the third illustration in the series, doing this for an art show in LA next February.

Things have been kinda crazy! Been pushing hard for at least a part time job. I got a few more call backs and I am really excited. aside from the last job interviews going well seems all my efforts are paying off cause I heard back from 2 more places this week. It is good though!

The Midwest Association of Professional Animators is having an art show on October 7th. I will be assisting with putting together this show by accepting the submission forms and storing the Art work that is handed in early.

The show will be sponsored by the following groups:

The 501st Legion: Vader's Fist will also be joining us that to take pictures with the kids so bring out the family for some Star Wars fun! Our Feature artist will be Darryl Woods. Darryl is a Official Lucas Films Artist. He will be drawing caricatures and there will be an auction for several pieces of his original art work.

This show is being Hosted at the ScreenLand Theater:

Screenland Crossroads

1656 Washington
Kansas City, MO. 64108

Everything is open to the Public. MAPA (The Midwest Association of Professional Animators) Is a non for profit Organization. our goal is to represent the Animation and cartooning/comics industry in Kansas City and we are raising money so that Our show can be expanded into a film festival so Donations are welcomed at this event.

Help us continue to bring more events, exhibits and workshops to/for all designers!

MAPA is a petitioning 501(c) non-profit. Currently, donations to MAPA are NOT tax deductible.

I will Also be drawing Caricatures that night myself. All proceeds from the caricatures will go to Mapa to help pay for this event.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

My favorite exercise.

I am setting som goals to start exercising every day. I mean 7 days a week. I use to do that when I was growing up even if it was only for 30 minutes. I mean think about it. if you eat everyday why cant you get up and move your body for a few extra minutes everyday.

I always loved this work out show in the morning. I dont think the make workout shows this intense anymore. I mean the people walk in place and they do there squats and they have special terms for everything blah blah blah.

When did exercise get so dog gone complicated.

Vintage Fitness: 20 Minute Workout from kayekilla on Vimeo.

So I did this workout video today. Does anyone remember the 20 minute workout from back in the 80s. That show was on for YEARS! I was still doing it when I was in middle school and through parts of highschool. then suddenly they stopped showing it. Or all I could find was those really boring yoga tv shows. I mean I like yoga but I would rather have an actual class.

Yes this brings back so many memories. I actually got into pretty good shape doing this and fitness pros every day. I did it every day before school! I weighed like 120 pounds back then. I often wonder if I can ever be that size again. Maybe with a little work it can definately happen.

Regaurdless I think doing something is better than nothing when it comes to exercise. it really keeps our bodys limber and able to move easily. So I want to give it a go every day even if it is only for 5 or 10 minutes.

What do you guys do for exercise!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Holding on to the hem of Jesus Garment

I dont care what any one says and I am proclaiming it right here. i believe God is real and that christ died for my sins and I am so happy that God everyday becomes a bigger and bigger part of my life.

I have had many days where I have felt very very alone and you know I am finding that that feeling goes away more and more everyday as long as i pray and work on my relationship with God.

There are some things that have happened in recent weeks that I have been able to say NO to that I would have been guilted into if it were not for Gods work in my life.

I have about 4 job interviews over the last month and I got an email today about a possible other job if things dont work out at the one I want to most. To tell the truth I blame it all on prayer and faith. I have been searching for work since i got out of school putting in job applications everywhere I can while doing a lot of commissions and all I had been hearing was the economy is bad over and over and that I needed an internship or to be right out of school. Negativity everywhere ya know! But I realived many other people around me were still managing to get work and I just talked to God about it and asked for a new approach. i took the tips I was given and I applied them and things are getting better every day.

I was getting tired of being a one rick pony artistically as well. As much as I love penups I wanted to be able to do other things and add them to my portfolio and I feel like I am starting to see things changing all around me.

I figured if God can help me with all these things I will ask him for help in other areas like my health as well. Putting things in his hands and learning how to pray when things feel hard is so wonderful.

To be honest, with all the blessing I see, I often wonder how it is that people can choose to be athiest. I feel like some horrible even must have turned a person down that road and blinded them to the blessings all around us.

I know I am not updating constantly every day but I will try to start posting more often. variety is the spice of life.

God Bless,

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