Monday, November 11, 2013

Being Yourself in Your Art/Looney Toons

I was watching bugs bunny cartoons the other day! I love the old Bob Clampet stuff!  So much fun.  What I realized is that there is no perfection in the animation. There are all kinds of weird things going on and being done just to get a laugh out of the viewer.
Like one second a horse might have hooves and the next he has hands!
They really played! The artists just had fun and were creative. They were themselves! Sometimes the cartoons barely even had a story. Characters would commit suicide and then sit up and address the viewer. One scene bugs bunny gives a dog a gun and encourages him to kill himself! WHAT! Insanity!
Reminds me how much I just love cartoons.
My mom told me this story once about how when I was a kid, she asked my uncle to baby sit for her. So he did! Little did he know that this 3 year old was an insane cartoon maniac!!  He was so mad at her because she dropped me off and I told him I wanted to watch cartoons, but there were no cartoons on tv. So I screamed and cried the entire time he was babysitting me because I wanted to watch cartoons! He was so mad when my mom returned that he told her he would never babysit me ever again!
HAHA! Sometimes I guess you are just born with it.

Be yourself it is so much more fun!

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