Saturday, March 24, 2012

St Louis Blues

I grew up hearing about the people in this film but never really experiencing there greatness and now I have. As an artist myself I have been going through the exact same experience of being pushed and pulled to the point of deep depression by the people I love and who think they know what is best for me.

Nat's character literally went blind from stress and just not being able to bare seeing the people he loves be so unhappy with his personal choices in perusing his passion in life. I hate to say it but this has probably happened to many a creator. Only recently I myself took a teaching job cause my family wanted me too even though I have never wanted to teach.

The movie teaches a great lesson about finding joy in your life though the talent God gives you to do so. I am glad the movie had a Happy ending but the truth be told when you chase a dream there are rarely happy endings where suddenly every one is so proud and happy to see you be successful.

This movie is made with dignity and pride non the less. I cant remember the last time I saw a Black film like this. That has happened to the culture. Have people forgotten how upstanding and dignified we use to be.

Instead of Nat King Cole and Eartha Kit people look up to rihanna and lil wayne. Its disgusting! A real tragedy to see musical talent be squandered on music samples and bad lyrics that disrespect women instead of lifting them up.

Special thanks to all these amazing actors and actresses that proudly showed the world what real talent looked like and how to use it.

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