Friday, September 16, 2011

Tired of Freelance?

Its something I never thought I would feel but I have to be honest I am tired of being a freelance artist. Mostly because I feel like it puts one of the biggest limits on my creativity. Drawing things for oter people and not really feeling like it is my artwork per say.

I love drawing but lately I feel like my voice is limited in my work by the constant chasing after a few dollars to keep my basic needs cover financially.

I have been looking for work very hard core over the past few months. I had been looking before this but I am really trying to push to get a job now more than ever cause I want to have more freedom as an artist. I am very excited about one job in particular that I hope works out. I have also been blessed with being able to draw more caricatures on a live basis to put money in my pocket and pay the bills and free me up tp focus on old responcibilities that fell behind cause of other priorities.

In the end I am Praying a great deal that God shine on me and send things into a new direction.

Hope you enjoy the space girl drawing!

Arie's Sketch Dump