Friday, September 17, 2010

5finity The Female Persuasion Sketch Cards 1

Sorry to keep missing posts guys. I have been a bit busy the last week. I was working on several things. A poster design for a local play, and about 4 other painted commissions. Here is a little taste of some of these things going on.

Not to mention I was preparing a portfolio and applying for a job here in KC. They contacted me and let me know I was up for an interview next Monday. That is a good thing and I really hope things work out though I have decided not to get my hopes up to much. I know how these things can go and I hate to set myself up for disappointment. Especially when there are other people they are interviewing.

I would be designing year book covers for a local company and the job requires some travel too so that is even more exciting. Mostly I really need to get some steady work so I can get these student loans among other things under control.

If I get the position I will continue to do daily sketches, but I definitely will no longer be taking commissions. I already don't take very many as it is because I just don't like having people wait for so long to receive there items.

So please wish me luck and enjoy the art.

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