Monday, December 2, 2013

School Can Pull You Down

   Seen to many friends get lost in their expectations of what school was supposed to bring them and they ended up forgetting who they were.  The bad thing about art school in particular is that not only is it way to expensive, but you got all these individuals claiming to be an authority on how to have a successful career telling you that you need to do things the way they did them when the teachers aren’t even working in the field they are teaching you about.
I learned this the hard way!

I heard of people going to school graduating and then becoming teachers at the school they graduated from and teaching the new students coming in how they think they should be drawing or painting and then failing them if they don’t do what the teacher expects.

The funny thing about animation is it’s not just about entertainment. Animation is an art form, as well. You are an artist first and animation is only an expression of that. After all it’s the next stage of progression in creativity. We love seeing our imagination bloom to life.  I am coming to find there are a lot less rules and regulations than I thought there were.  Your lines don’t have to be perfect all the time. The colors don’t have to be bright and vivid to get people’s attention.  Hell you may not need color at all! You just gotta go out and be creative. Fuck what they say!

Side note: I am not discouraging getting an education. just saying be careful how you let it effect you.Make sure you always think for yourself and avoid letting others make decisions for you. ( times out of 10 what is right for you is going to be wrong for someone else and vise versa.

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