Saturday, January 30, 2010

Natural hair Identity

I stumbled onto this video while taking some time off from drawing due to eye strain. Yes my eyes are hurting and things sometimes look blurry and I fill like there is a film or something covering my eye ball it is weird and it is called eye strain.

Anyway this young lady talks about the courage it really took her to go natural. I remember when I was younger I always loved natural hair style but I was scare to go natural cause of how people would react especially family. I didn't want to be called ugly or a boy or any other that cause of my hair, but I hated perms.

It really took me getting burned really badly one to many times to make me stop getting perms. My last perm was in march of 2005. I had my hair dresser perm and cut my hair and after that I just never went back. The years after that involved me learning all over again how to take care of my hair, but because I hated perms I decided I would not let other peoples opinions bother me.

Funny thing it was mostly other black women that warned me against it. Specifically family members. When I came home with a head full of naps back in 2007 my mom constantly told me how she thought I was to young to have natural hair and i should get my perm back, but after a while she realized her opinion didn't matter and stopped. My goals now are to get more length and growth and I have been practicing some new growth techniques. I wanna have the biggest afro in the world lol.

Anyway enjoy the video.

Friday, January 29, 2010

Hair and Personality

Does having natural hair make you appear to have more personality? it just might...

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