Monday, November 18, 2013

Value your art work more than anyone else no matter what!!

Sometimes when you get use to doing something all the time you start to see it as not all that important of a thing. For a long time as an artist I have to admit I didn't understand the value of what i do. That it could effect people or be important to others. Especially when it comes to fan art.

 I figure its not my characters its no big deal, but there are some people out here that see dollar signs when they see your abilities and those individuals will do what ever they  possibly can to get in your favor if it means they can get a little peace of what you do and they can use it for themselves.

We live in a world where we are told to be good, and how to act, and how to not hurt others, and to love others as they love us and treat them how we want to be treated. But underlying those old sayings there is a pit of snakes waiting to grab hold of the next over excited artist looking to "get exposure" or that is just excited that someone liked there stuff, so much so, that they are willing to give it away.

I heard a saying the other day at work. it goes like this. " How do you get an artist to work for free?    Tell them how great there art is."

Since moving to LA I see it more now than I ever did. a cesspool of disgusting people waiting to find there next sucker so they can walk all over them and make them do what they want all while making the person being victimized feel bad about not liking how they are being treated.

Artist if you don't value what you do I have news for you. There's someone out there waiting for the chance to take the things you don't feel like are important and turn it into profit for themselves.  They are waiting for the chance to take that sketch you through in the trash heap cause you didn't like it and flip it for there own benefit. They might even claim to be you just so they can get some attention for themselves.

Protect yourself at all costs. You deserve better than being used and abused for someone selfish greed.

Arie's Sketch Dump