Saturday, February 26, 2011

Friday, February 25, 2011

Why am I doing this. Just a few thought.

I often deeply question what I do for a living. Not that drawing is a bad thing but more the subject matter I choose. I think both men and women are beautiful creatures of God. I Love drawing women especially but lately I question more and more if my portrayals are against Gods love and will for my life.

I wonder if the images I put in my artwork may be hurting others or causing them to make wrong choices in there lives.

I use to believe that the things I said and did in my life had no effect on other people and that no one was really paying attention. Then one day I realized that I was wronger than I had even been in my whole life about that subject.

Is it wrong to draw beautiful women? No I don't think so. But is it wrong to objectify them. well I guess if I have to ask myself that question then I already know the answer. Once when I was at a comic show, A woman came by my table and she said asked me why I was drawing the things that I drew and told me I could do so much better than what I was doing. She shook her head at me and bought a portrait of the Haley Barry version of storm I had drawn cause she really liked it. But she didn't agree with the way I was using my abilities.

I think back on that often and question myself. I watch ed this video today and it brought all those questions back. What else am I capable in of in this life aside from this.

What great things can I bless this world with that will save lives rather than lead them astray?

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