Monday, March 29, 2010

Back to the drawing board!

Commission done at the Kansas City Comic Con

Ok Guys,

I know it has been like 2 weeks. I have been away cause not long after the family left I started preparing for a comic convention. Planet comic can was amazing.

Thank you to every one that stopped by the table and said hi. I was so exhausted after this weekend. These shows are not only very over stimulating to me but also very tiring.

i came home sunday and passed out at like 7p.m.

I was so excited though to receive such a positive response to my work. It was kind of overwhelming at times.

I had 2 great helpers this weekend. My 16 year old niece who had a really good time! I am glad she was able to come and help out. She made a great sales women! You go girl.

My sister dropped by on Sunday to help out the second day.
Thanks so much you guys. Because of them I had time to actually draw at the table. It was hard for me to do that on Saturday with all the wonderful people that stopped by and it would have been impossible to do it if they had not been with me.

Anyway check out some of the pictures! Enjoy!

Man that is a lot of clevage!

Arie's Sketch Dump