Monday, December 9, 2013

The Wrong Environment Can Make or Break You

I spent a lot of years fighting to be what I thought other people wanted and finding I was never satisfying enough for the individual I was trying to please (especially when it comes to family.)  Pleasing people has been a bad habit a long time and I am looking to change it.

The reason why is cause people often project their own personal experiences, both good and bad, onto you and then expect you to handle situations the way they would have handled it. But then, there is no guarantee they would have handled it correctly themselves. 

I think one of the most important things a person can do for their careers is finding the right environment with the right like minded people where everyone is giving each other room to be themselves. That is when innovation and creativity really begin to take off.

Trying to convince someone, that knows nothing about what it is you love to do, that you are doing the right thing when they think it is wrong, is like trying to fit an elephant into a small glass bottle. People who are not artists or business owners always want to tell the artist or business owner to get a real job and do what they love on the side.  Meanwhile, you got all these people out there that are running their business on a full time basis, successfully. 

So you mean I should quit doing what I am doing and go work for someone that is already doing what I am trying to do for myself. Yeah I would call that bad advice. It’s hard though. Especially when the bad advice comes from family, that have certain expectations of you to perform a certain manner. Usually that means doing what they did growing up to get where they are now.

Unfortunately not everyone is meant to be a follower in this world. Some of us have to be leaders too!

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