Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Haiti Charity Auction

I decided I wanted to do a drawing to raise money for the Haiti Earthquake Crisis Relief Effort. I heard this morning that there was another large 6.1 quake that hit.

There is an amazing writer, Edwidge Danticat, whose work I love, that is from Haiti and she gave a speech that I watched the other day just talking about the wonderful things that have come from Haiti and their heritage. It was really wonderful and I wanted to share it. My favorite book of hers is Breath Eyes Memory. I need to read it again one of these days.

100% of the money from this auction will go to the Haitian Charity I picked them instead of the Red Cross after hearing that there will be thousands of orphaned children suffering as a result of this devastation.

I hope you will take the tome to bid. This auction is for the colored Tinker Bell above. It is done with color pencil and ink liners on colored pastel paper. Size is 9 x 12. The winner of this auction will also get a copy of my DrawLikeCrazy 2009 Sketchbook.

You can view the auction here:

10 Harem Girl

Arie's Sketch Dump