Monday, December 13, 2010

Jungle storm

I have been doing a lot of sketch cards. It might be this way for a while guys.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

The Best News Ever!

So after 2 years of searching for a place outside my home to work I finally FINALLY!! Have a studio space!

It really shows the power of prayer and God cause so many people have been praying for me lately. I had gotten so down and frustrated with trying to work at home, where I have constant interruptions, to the point of not being able to get anything completed, that I decided I had no other choice but to make art a hobby and go back to school for nursing or some other form of work in the medical field.

I was just FED UP! I have reached this point where it was a waste of time for me and potential clients to take commission, or even larger job,s cause I just can't seem to sit down and work on things do to the craziness that is my lifestyle.

It was especially an inconvenience to people that found themselves waiting for MONTHS/YEARS to receive there commissions cause of constant drama interfering with me being able to complete a project. It seemed no matter how I expressed to people that they needed to let me work and not interrupt me constantly that it made absolutely no difference in their behavior.

I have been on phone calls with clients and had them actually end the phone call cause all they could hear was yelling in the back ground while they were trying to discuss things with me on potential jobs.

And things had not been getting better. They were getting worse. I was ready to give up art and become a janitor.

In fact I was looking for a job when I came across a listing for a studio space that was super cheap! Most places wanted to charge the cost of renting a small apartment for what was 50 square feet of space with a desk and a few drawers for your crap. Oh and the promise of being able to show art at a art gallery. Maybe.

It was inconvenient to spend like 10 hours a day sitting in a coffee shop trying to justify being there by spending money on drinking coffee when you don't actually like it. Having people bumping your table and stuff and while you are trying to keep from spilling a bottle of ink and every time you need to go to the bathroom you gotta pack up your laptop just in case someone decides to mess with your stuff. Just to come back and find someone sitting at your table. GGGrrrrrr.....

So now my goal is to get moved in. I found a drawing table on craigslist for $15 bucks so I don't have to move to much crap out my house. I am working on a schedule so I can have regular office hours, as well. And hitting thrift stores for some cheap fold up tables and file cabinets.

I am very excited about the way things are turning out and with time I hope to make the space as comfortable as working at home but without the anger, yelling, frustration, and near homicide.


God Bless

Tornado Alley

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Spiderman BlackCat Sketchcard

5 good things

1. today I watched hal Lindsey. he talked about giving thanks even for the bad times in our lives cause god it working on us by testing us.

2. A good friend of mine gave me some good advise and cheered me up

3. Most of my sketches will sell on ebay today. I should make enough to pay my phone bill.

4. Finished my betty pages cards.

5. helped mom take an air conditioner out of a window so we could stop cold air from coming in the hous.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Spiderman Mary Jane Sketchcard

5 good things:
1. lol I guess it counts if it is after 12am.Did a little drinking! doesn't happen often!
2. Played some rock band and guitar hero with friends!
3. Got punched in my nose in karate class but it didn't bleed and I totally didn't cry! I rock!( I kinda like getting hurt in class long as it isn't to bad lol)
4. finished more sketch cards
5. made turkey salad for dinner

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Tornado Alley

5 good things:

I was thinking about doing doodles of the 5 good things instead of just writing it. What do you thing?

1. Got some bids on my Black friday cyber monday auctions
2. Auctioning getting rid of some old clothes and clearing out the clutter!
3. Karate class this Morning
4. Drawing frenzy this Afternoon
5. Friends Bday party tonight!

Friday, November 26, 2010

Valkyrie Moonstone Artist Proof Sketch Card

I am feeling good about acknowledging good things that happen in the day. It makes you stop and go I guess things aren't as bad as they seem.

1. A good friend was worried about me cause he had not heard from me in a while and he called to say hello.
2. I make a HUGE!!! batch of Whipped Shea goodness today! I love you Shea Butter!
3. I gave my godmother 4 jars of shea for a early christmas gift. She is my biggest shea customer.
4. I rinsed the henna out this morning. I usually leave it over night. My hair is so red!
5. Can't stop thinking of my sister pecan candy! MMMMMM...... My mouth is watering.

Black Friday Cyber Monday Sale!!

I have a ton of art from over the last year or longer that is up for grabs.

Some starting at 0.01 cent plus shipping and painting for 15 with free shipping.

You there are 44 items listed on ebay ebay. if you have questions leave me a note.

Here are some of the things available.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Honey West Moonstone Artist Proof SketchCard

5 GREAT Things!

1. I put a henna treatment in my hair WOO HOO
2. I learned that the caffine in tea rinses can stop shedding
4. Visited family
5. Pecan Candy!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Domino Lady Moonstone Artist Proof SketchCard: Five good things

5 Good things:

Ok lets see.

1. I broke my fast today after 8 days on the master cleanse with mashed potatoes salad and OJ. Yumm..
2. I found out my sister was making her famous pecan candy for thanks giving YAY!!!
3. I was tempted to eat cookies and I didn't! NO COOKIES!! Good Job!
4. I got my car back from the mechanic WOO HOO!
5. I shared kisses with my fuzzy kitty cat meow!

Kitties make me smile!

God Bless

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

TMNT Cards color : 5 good things and Thanks

Ok so the day isn't over but I wanted to go ahead and start my list of 5 good thing:

1. When I woke up this morning I had a kitty cuddled in my arm. I love cuddling with warm fuzzy kitties.

2. Packed up some artwork and it is ready to ship!

3. Got stuff for my tune up and my oil change for my car.

4. Video chated and did a art jam with an old friend.

5. sorted some art for my black friday/cyber monday sale

I want to thank everyone that has been keeping up with the blog and coming back to give encouragement from time to time.

I really appreciate everything. So far I have had good feed back on Tordano Alley, as well. Thank you everyone that commented and liked it on facebook. I want to put it up on DeviantArt when the story ark ends as well. Thank all so much for the blessing.

God Bless

Monday, November 22, 2010

Little bit of time off.

A few of you may have noticed that I just haven't been posting much.

I am going to be honest. I go through phases of frustration and depression. BUT, I am back on track now.

I eased myself back into things with sketch cards. And I have been drawing on my own little stories and posting them once a week. So I hope you have been at least enjoying the Tornado Alley comic strip that I have been posting.

I wish sometimes I didn't go thru these depression stages. They really are frustrating cause on top of all the other insanity that life offers you are also trying to recover from very long (the last one lasted about a month) periods of sadness that make it really hard to function.

That is why I decided maybe I should start writing more often to everyone. On positive uplifting things.

I saw a video not long ago about the idea of keeping a gratitude journal. just write 5 things you are happy about that happened that day. Doesn't have to be overly involved.

So today I will do that and I will try and do it again later too. 5 good things that happened today.

1. I have made it 6 days on the master cleanse!
2. Finished 5 sketch cards for a set.
3. I washed and dried my small house shoe and have been enjoying wearing them around the house.
4. I had passion fruit tea! Yum :)
5.I started month 2 of P90X

So that is my list of good things. I have been working really hard on my health even though I have encountered some set backs. This past summer I lost 40 pounds! I hope to loos another 25 by my BDay in march at least. I would love it to be more but as long as I am doing it who cares.

What good things happened to you todays!?

God Bless

Friday, November 5, 2010

Drawing Frenzy Art Show!!!

That is right! some local cartoonists are having a Art show.

The friday started on the Crossroads Coffeehouse at FIRST FRIDAY K.C.

The Crossroads Art District
Drawing Frenzy Gallery Show at The Crossroads Coffeehouse
310 Southwest Blvd, KCMO

There was food there was drink are was lots of drawing going on and Not to mention an awesome BAND But the Real Party is actually Saturday November the 6 when all the artists on showcase will be meeting for the weekly Drawing Frenzy as showing there work and selling things for all those that manage to make it down.

Every thing starts at 10AM so I hope you guys can make it down.

In the mean time here is a preview of Friday nights events.

The show will be hanging for the rest of November. So if you can't make it for the reception tomorrow I encourage you to come down anytime during the month.

Monday, November 1, 2010

The Bride 1

I am only doing 2 of these. They were fun to draw! I will only do more if people really want to see them.

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Black Age of Comics!

Ok I am not posting art today because I wanted to just talk a little about my experience at the black age of comics show. God what an amazing show. I never had a convention experience as great as this one in all honesty.

I sold prints I sold mini comics I Sang on stage (man was that nerve racking) and I just got the chance to meet a lot of amazing people. It was definitely an honor to be included in this experience. It was such an amazing experience that it has taken me 2 weeks to really digest the experience.

Everything started on Friday with a book signing at the local store,
Graham Crackers Comics. There we mingled with the customers and signed books all over the place. Then we had a mock press conference and a talk with L.A. Banks, , an amazing writer, about her book Vampire Huntress and her movement into comics with creator Eric Battle.

The events that day went late into the night. I don't think I got to bed till after 3 that night.

Saturday was crazy busy, as well. After over sleeping I met my boyfriend and we went over the location where the actual convention was being held. I had people coming up to my table before I could actually get myself set up. There were lots of kids so I left out all the naughty art with naked girls on it. At one point I was so overwhelmed with the experience I honestly thought I might cry. One young man came up and showed me his art work and I was just amazed. It reminded me of my days when I was uninhibited by frustration and expectations of my work and I just drew as much as I could.

Then another young lady came up that was a huge fan of my work and I gave her a free print and she told me I had a FAN FOR LIFE! I was just so amazed to see how my work impacted other.

I got to meet so many amazing artists that I had only known online for many years. And it was crazy cause we were all fans of each others work and shared mutual excitement on getting to finally meet in person and talk.

After the show that day we had a sit down meeting about the the whole idea of the black Age represents. How we can do more for our community with teaching through comics and so forth and having more positive images of minorities in comics. That was pretty interesting. From there we had dinner with friends and laughed a lot about everything that happened that day.

Sunday was a lot mellower. The show itself was only one day but then we headed over to meet John Jennings for a book signing of the Black comic book! I am really proud of john and his work to bring so many creators together under one cover. We also signed a few books for people and before we knew it we were all being whisked away to the airport so we could get home on time. I of course didn't leave right away but that is a story for another time. Talk to you guys soon. Hope you enjoy the pictures.


Arie's Sketch Dump