Wednesday, September 16, 2009

A Little Inspiration

I went up to Lawless Times Comics yesterday because I was dropping off a book. I love talking to Lawless because he is a guy that has struggled with owning his business for a long time simply out of pure love for comics.

His store is located in what is considered to be a bad neighborhood and as a result he doesn’t make a great deal of money from day to day, but he still manages to keep going. I admire that because he doesn’t stop what he loves because it is hard.

While I was waiting for the person that was buying the book to show up, I women walks in and starts talking to us. She said she owned like 3 businesses. Reminded me a little of a New Jersey experience where I worked for a place called Kids Art. The women who owned it always bragged about how she started her company and how she had started several other companies. I like to always keep a open mind about those kinds of things to see what I can learn for bad experiences.

I told her I was trying to start a little illustration company and she actually said some thing inspirational.

The said,

“Don’t say you are going to try! YOU BETTER OWN IT!”

“I wanted a hair business and I got it because I owned it!

I wanted a house cleaning business and I got it because I OWNED IT

I wanted a new car and I got it because I OWNED IT!”

She said, “She was the most blessed sista in town cause when she talked something GOD ALWAYS PROVES!”

Now I don’t know if she is lying or telling the truth because I don’t know her at all. It was the first time we met, but it opened my eyes a little bit. That whole ideas that if you want something go after it and let God take care of the rest is something I have been working on in my life. It is all about faith.

Learning about what it really means to have faith has been the greatest blessing this whole year. I see things going in the right direction. I feel Blessed.

God Bless


Here is some Beyonce. Cause I like it. :P

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