Saturday, September 19, 2009


Today has been so freaking crazy. It was both good and bad at the same time. I picked up my 16 year old niece and took her with me to the Art flea so I wouldn’t have to go alone today. She is a good kid and is cool to take her because she gets to see how people make extra money on there own without having a traditional job.

But she ended up being with me literally all day. I wanted to come home and work but her day wasn’t at home and she didn’t have keys and I thought it would be rude no to entertain guests and stuff. I finished like 6 Mandy cards at the table at the art flea but trust me it was just dead. I actually sold nothing at all. I am glad I didn’t pay for the table. At least last week I made a few dollars. I am thinking of skipping next week because I can’t afford to go if every week is this slow. Not to mention all the stuff I have to do, anyway.

I might actually wait until l the 3rd week of October before I go back.

I am hoping Christmas season will bring some customers and stuff.

On top of all that insanity my niece’s dad never went home so she is stuck here till tomorrow. She doesn’t care but I do. I don’t mind her being here or anything, but it is annoying when your schedule suddenly changes and you can’t do anything about it.

Tomorrow is drawing frenzy, I am not sure I will be going. I need to have my face plastered to my drawing desk the rest of the day especially after today’s events. Think I will go to bed and be up early to work tomorrow.

God Bless,


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