Friday, September 18, 2009

Been A Long Day

It has been a long day. I spent it trying to make my studio a little more livable so I can work comfortably mostly. This morning we got the wireless connected. Once I got that hooked up I bought some storage bins and boxed up a lot of video games and movies because they were just in the way, honestly. I still play them but I needed some space and I thought the studio was more important than the games.

So I put my little girl toys away so I can play with my big girl toys.

I really would ultimately like to get a place of my own. i have a place in mind but it needs a lot of work. Untll then i am stuck in the limited space of my moms house which will become even more limited once I get all my stuff back from Ohio.

Having wireless in the house means I can get online when I need reference without interrupting my work flow. I find it really distracting when I have to leave my work area and go into another room to check email and get reference and what ever other things I might need. Now I just wish I had my scanner and printer working so my space will be completey privatized. i hate interuptions when I work because when I have distractions it completely breaks my work flow and can leave to hours worth of delays whether caused by myself or my family.


Anyway, I would show pictuers but I am to lazy to take them. *shrug*

God Bless,

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