Thursday, November 19, 2009

To Hollywood or not to Hollywood.

Sorry I haven't been posting guys. it has been a very rough month. I figured that it was probably best I focus as much energy on commissions as possible but they are still not getting completed as fast as I would like.

I know I haven't spoken here much about it but I have a mentor and I spoke to him the other day. when I am able to animate he looks at my work and critiques things for me. I always feel revitalized when I get to speak with him. He told me anytime I am ready to start getting work He would help me out by putting in a good word for me.

God Bless him and his wife. They are such good people. He told me that he was kinda unsatisfied with the industry for so long, but meeting young people with a fire for animation has helped him feel so much happier and excited about what they can bring to animation in the future.

Knowing he that someone has that kind of faith in your work is so uplifting. It makes me feel like I can do anything no matter how hard. I still hesitate to move to Cali and try yo find work. It hasn't been long since I returned to Missouri and enjoy being able to be around all my old friends and reestablishing those old relationships.

Not to mention I think my mom would be heart broken if I were to move so far away again. I had such rough times when I was in New Jersey. It was so frustrating and lets not talk about Ohio. I question myself if a move to Hollywood for work would be a good choice or not, but at the same time it has been something I have worked so hard for all these years. I mean it could be completely different for me than all the other times.

I am just kinda tired of my life frantically being up and down so much. the chaos is unbearable sometimes.all I can really do is pray about all these things. At the same time I think man if i were on my feet and doing well. Just how much more I could bring to the lives of others around me.

I wonder if other artists have had to make a decision like this. I know moving there wouldn't be forever but no one is getting any younger around here. Especially my parents. It seems like a big sacrifice.

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