Friday, November 20, 2009

Hair Obsessions

Many people don't know this but like most black women I am Obsessed with my hair. I am always trying to find new ways to style it and help it along in growth.Currently my hair is about shoulder length but I can't wait till it gets to be even longer cause I plan to rock the worlds biggest fro.

I actually use to relax my hair. in fact my hair has been relaxed since I was a weee little girly girl with pig tails.

and it grew but it was always very thin and when I finally got to an age where I could do my own hair I hated it cause it seemed like every ones hair was thicker than mine.

Anyway when I turned 26 I moved away and went to school and I stopped getting a perm on my hair. This is when the real education began. it took me about a 2 years to muster up the balls to actually trim off all the damaged hair.During that time I did a few things. One thing I always wanted was to die my hair so I did. On top of my perm and natural mixed fro and man did it look bad.

then one day i got this idea to get on the internet and learn how to style a fro.I wanted more than afro puffs and I was tired of the mickey mouse ears. I was really to old to be doing nothing but wearing afro puffs. I didn't know how to style short hair though. and it wasn't long enough for one ponytail.

Long story short I found lots of other young women with beautiful natural hair and they were giving tutorials on how to take care of it. Like for example. not combing it when it is dry and not using mineral oil because it makes your hair brittle. I was a victim of brittle hair. Oh and not using sulfate shampoo. I buy organic now.

Recently I have been doing research on how to stop single strand knots. They are all over my head and they caused me to form a nasty habit where I rip them out cause they make me so angry and they can't be removed unless i get out the shears and clip individual knots of individual strands. Some call this dusting and it is a fruitless effort cause they come back in a matter of a few hours!!! GRRR!!!

So I would just clip my ends and well that didn't help either cause I clip the ends of damaged hair and they return and I clip more and more and my hair gets shorter and shorter which is defeating the purpose of having long hair in the first place!!

But I think I found the solution. I tried rolling my hair. and this works, but takes hours and the hair reverts in a few days and then I found a site called .

She shows how to do the curly fro where by curling the ends you can stretch them and eliminate single strand knots. Not to mention it is really cute and a nice style for every day wear. I thought I was resigned to ugly braids or 2 strand twists but I don't like them in my hair so this I hope will be my saving grace.

Anyway I found some videos and thought I would share. This girl has great hair! Oh and I also learned that a fro is a great accessory to your clothes.

God Bless

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