Saturday, November 7, 2009

Never Imagined

I ended up having to drop some of the projects. It was just to much. It honestly made me feel very frustrated. You get that feeling of “Oh my God I am a failure cause I can't handle everything,” but at the same time it is a big relief. It means for one that it will be much easier to plan out my work without loosing sleep over how many things I can do at once.

I think with the convention and all the work I needed to do to get ready on top of all the money I ended up loosing in order to go I found myself between a rock and a hard place. All my finances for a month went to going to Baltimore Comic Con and that just wasn’t a very smart decision to make. In fact the entire time I was at the Con in the back of my head I did nothing but stress about how much I needed to get done at home and how I should have been working at that moment. Then with a hope and a prayer I was desperately wanting to make back the money I was spending to go and at the off chance that that might not happen I took on more work than I could handle hoping to make up for it after the convention was over.

Long story short, I got some big battle wounds as a result of my decisions over the last 3 months since finally getting back to drawing. But I know one thing this did was to seriously test my mental and physical limits in terms of what I just can and can’t do as an artist as well as how NOT to run a business no matter how much you want to succeed.

I am rethinking my approach to freelancing and recognizing a person just can not fill up every hour of there day. There are to many variables where things can go wrong. Not to mention having the time to eat and sleep and get sunshine on occasion. God bless the remained of my project with the home they go smoothly.


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