Friday, February 12, 2010

Never Before Seen Mandy Cards; Is corn kiling us?

I worked on the Mandy Sketch card set. The set is already Sold Out! I have never shown any of these cards. I won't be posting them anywhere else but on my blog please enjoy!

I have been doing research on processed corn products and sugar and one of the questions I started asking was, is corn killing us? Corn can be literally hidden in everything we eat in one way shape of form. They almost seem to be writing it in code so we can't even tell it is corn. So I got on you tube and came across this video called King corn while looking up info on the dangers of corn syrup which is about a couple of guys that decided to go an a diet that did not have any corn or corn derivatives in it. it is pretty interesting and I want to share.

I think it is interesting to pint out how he says low income families eat more corn thatn anyone else and not only that but tend to be the fattest. Is it possible that this thing have something in common?

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