Thursday, February 11, 2010

Never Before Seen Mandy Cards and List of Documentaries

I worked on the Mandy Sketch card set. The set is already Sold Out! I have never shown any of these cards. I won't be posting them anywhere else but on my blog please enjoy!

I always enjoy looking at documentaries. i can get information from them that i don't see other place. My friend Dave Stroh who is dealing with a tumor posted a bunch of info on natural cancer cures and has been encouraging people to do more research on health care in the US. Please you should read his journal on Medical marijuana. It is very interesting. And send him your blessing that he have a speedy recovery from his illness.

He also created a list of documentaries that are interesting. I have seen many but not all of these and you can find them online for free so if you are interested in learning more about the world around you just type the name into google video. I would recommend Century of Self.

Please enjoy this excerpt from his journal. You can find him and his amazing art work on at

The scariest thing about this is that so many people don't think it's scary at all. get ready for a new holocaust or a civil war.
blind faith is a dangerous thing. don't follow anybody. learn as much as you can and decide for yourself! you can google all of these:

zeitgeist the movie
zeitgeist addendum
the zeitgeist movement: orientation presentation
pharmacratic inquisition
the obama deception
adam curtis- the living dead
the century of the self
Peace, Propaganda and the Promised Land
occupation 101
the iron wall
palestine is still the issue
the unauthorized biography of dick cheney
bush family fortunes
gods next army
the root of all evil
ground truth
the end of america
freedom to fascism
wal-mart: the high cost of low prices
the future of food: genetically modified food
food, inc.
Natural World- A Farm for the Future
codex alimentarius
unnatural selection
the disappearing male
Flow - For Love of Water
owning the weather
don't talk about the weather
the end of suburbia
a crude awakening- the oil crash
iraq for sale
control room
in debt we trust
war by other means
breaking the silence- truth and lies in the war on terror
big brother, big business
orwell rolls in his grave
surveillance tech
uncovered: the war on iraq
al franken: god spoke
Weapons of Mass Deception
who killed the electric car?
nazis: the occult conspiracy
sweet misery: a poisoned world
nutrition and behavior
run from the cure
emperor of hemp: the jack herer story
hemp revolution
the union: the business behind getting high
american drug war: the last white hope
hooked: illegal drugs and how they got that way- marijuana
an unholy alliance
the beautiful truth
hoxsey: how healing becomes a crime
the rise and fall of a scientific genius- royal raymond rife
vaccine nation
vaccination- the hidden truth
simply raw
a world without cancer
capitalism: a love story
fahrenheit 911
bowling for columbine
loose change (2nd edition and final cut)
truth and lies of 9/11
911 the road to tyranny
9/11 blueprint for truth
national security alert (the pentagon attack)
unconstitutional: the war on our civil liberties
jesse ventura- conspiracy theory
the 11th hour
strange days on planet earth
supernatural:unseen powers of animals
global warming or global governance?
apocalypse? no!
an inconvenient truth
money, banking and the federal reserve
endgame: blueprint for global enslavement
the corporation
the world according to monsanto
the monsanto story
this film is not yet rated
why we fight
one nation under siege
the revolution will not be televised
les stroud off the grid
the selfish green
shadows in motion
wake up call
prescription for disaster
the drugging of our kids
the power of myth
the power of nightmares
the race to zero point free energy
here comes the sun
esoteric agenda
poison in the mouth
the doctor, the depleted uranium and the dying children
william cooper
the human animal
lord of the ants
guns, germs and steel
mysterious origins of man
thunderbolts of the gods
nova: magnetic storm
the presidents guide to science
we are the aliens
what we still don't know
2012: Science or Superstition
toxic sludge is good for you
how the kids took over
pedigree dogs exposed
the cove
meet your meat(i'm not even going to try to pretend that i'm a vegetarian but you really don't have to be to admit that these things are fucked up. even if you don't care, keep in mind that you're being fed meat from diseased animals. even wild animals would refuse to eat some of the nasty shit that we do! there's more to the problem than just animal cruelty. look up the chinese fur trade too. they don't even take the time to kill the animals before they skin them. there's absolutely no reason for this!)

anyone who does actually take the time to watch these will notice that some of them contradict each other, and that's kind of the point. you can't get all your information from the same source. do your own research and think for yourself! good people can give just as bad of advice as those who try to mislead you. THINK FOR YOURSELF!!!!

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