Monday, August 24, 2009

Boy Friends and Festivals

Ha ha! I bet you thought that today you would get to see the final on the color piece. Well not exactly, but it will be finished soon enough. It has been a busy weekend after all.

Yesterday I was out most of the day. I took the day off to spend on family members after spending all week playing catch up on commissions and so forth. I am still not done. I’ve got about 11 more illustrations to catch up. I also will be starting a Sketch card set with Dean Yeagle's character Mandy. I am doing 56 cards for this set.

So yeah you guys have to settle on a sketch I did of my guy today. He is a good person and I have this pic of him on my phone that I really like so I drew it.

Today was also busy. I went to Drawing Frenzy and soon after I got a call inviting me to the ethnic festival. That was a very fun event. There was much food from so many cultures and me with no cash. My friend Becca spotted me so I could get in. Thanks Becca!

Arie's Sketch Dump