Thursday, December 31, 2009

2009 goes out in a BANG!

You know, it has been a challenging year. From leaving freelance to working a job that was taking advantage of me, to months of sexual harassment, then going back to freelance and finding it no less challenging to stay ahead. I am still behind on commissions but I am doing what I can to get them done. I have about 4 more people left on quick sketches and about 6 people with paintings but the Book as I have said before takes up a great deal of time. I am actually looking forward to trying to complete everything.

In other news I want to send out blessings and condoences. In the last 2 weeks to lights were suddenly blown out. I friends from school suddenly took ill and passed away and a family member was killed so the family has been very distraught.

I ask that people out there send there prays out for those that are in morning for the loss of to wonderful souls. The Gibson family and the Marshall family.

Yesterday I was at the Book signing at elite comics. I took lots of pictures! It was a great experience and special thanks to the Elite crew for the warm welcome. I was there with my New friend Damont and we both drew from open to close yesterday as well as greeted people and talked to everyone. It was a fun time! Really got me pumped for NakaCon and Planet con coming in February and March.

ALso thanks to my good friend Daryl for coming out. I am going to be drawing him a massive hulk with the Woomp!! and a Shoomp!! I also got to hang out with Super Girl and Greet lantern and Hawk Girl but she was actually dressed as a different character. I took some great pics with them as well!

It was a real blast everyone! Can't wait to do it again.


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