Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Meetings Meetings Meetings

You might want to cover the kids eyes on this one,
of course I would hope kids don't visit my site, to often. lol

It is crazy; when you go freelance you become your work marketer, the shipping department, the artist the secretary the guy that hands business meetings. But I wouldn't change it for the world. Aside from trying to make time to be at the drawing table this last 5 days I have been out doing meeting with people and stuff.

I went out today with a friend of mine. We are looking into putting together a studio and stuff with about 10 other artists if possible. The space would also have a store space up from so people could come in and purchase items. This I am hope works out well cause if there is anything I want more it is a personal studio space and a place where I can showcase and sell my work to the public. As a result I will be doing more personal work with my own characters on top of commissions and stuff so my plate, though there is no money coming in, is pretty full.

I am praying this all works out. It will probably be a good six months before things are cemented and we know this thing wills definitely happen. Kansas City really caters to its local artists and will provide them with funding for studio space and start up costs so I have a lot to learn about all that is going to go down and how to make it all work out.

It is a beautiful building too! We will just have to see what happens though.

God Bless,

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