Sunday, September 6, 2009

Arts, Flea Among Other Things

Yesterday While I was at Art Flea I started this Card.

I am exhausted yet again. The art flea went ok, it was a holiday weekend and there are all these festivals going on so I didn't sell much but people that did make it out showed a great amount is interest and curiosity about what I had to offer.

Special thanks to Darryl Woods, Becca, Lawless Times Comics, Randy and Sholan for coming down to show some love and keep my company.

I also met a few other wonderful people there as well. You will be surprised just how much women love comic’s anime and manga. I don't just mean teenagers. There honestly were a lot of women that stopped over and asked questions. One young woman and her daughter just really touched me. Her little girl really enjoyed my comic stories with Mainasha as a chibi and her mom enjoyed the stuff I had of her as an adult. The cool thing about the mom, I shish I could remember her name. Is she was also a writer, a jewelry maker, a comic artist and a seamstress. She was selling her had made clothing and jewelry while drawing at her little booth.

there were 2 other young ladies that did performance art and they put on a short play. That was really great! One of the young ladies did jewelry and fashion and her partner at the table did jewelry and hand made sculpture. All and all it was really a great group of people that were there trying to turn there craft into a way to support themselves and there family.

I was told Christmas season is really big so I plan to make and sell Christmas cards. I think this will be fun.

The cool thing about this whole experience is I got to really get out into the community and see what is really going on in the arts in KC. Even found a local Art auction where they accept artwork to be auctioned off.

If seems though I a one of very few Illustrator/comic artists that try to be involved in these things and people were so excited about seeing me there, too! I asked one friend to come out to First Friday and when he realized he would have to out in public he shied away from the idea. I guess we are a really shy bunch. But I don't want to be shy anymore. I miss out on Gods blessings when I am like that.

God Bless,

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