Friday, January 25, 2013

Pin Up of the Week: Just Sketching

So I wont be posting pinups every single day. I want to do more well thought out artwork that speaks to my own heart so I may not even draw hot girls that often. (sorry guys.) Some drawings may not even be fully realized. I might even just draw a comic strip. Regardless of what the choice is for this day I will post some form of personal creation of some sort.

Originally I had wanted to go back to my old format where I picked a character and drew them everyday for 7 days but I think I will approach things differently. I do have a few things like that are sitting around cause I wanted to do a daily pinup, but my ideas changed. So i will post those things this week and move on to something else.

I NEED A SCANNER! May need to do something about that soon. I had to photograph this sketch so sorry for the bad quality.


Arie's Sketch Dump