Friday, October 2, 2009

Got sick!!

Convention sketch from Mo-Kan Comics Conspiracy

I got sick do to the weather change. I slept like 8 hours yesterday and now I am ready to go do it all over again.

Bobby Chiu says that when bad things happen it means something good will happen soon.

I sure hope so. I was so stopped up in my brain today I couldn't hold a pencil. I spent time working on my ashcan for the con instead.

If things go right I will be able to make around 30 of those I want to do a fold out color page inside as well with a tutorial and a pic of my original character Amber Rainstorm dressed as a Skydoll.

Good news. I got word today I will be getting my work into a book of black artists. That is pretty exciting. I was told the book will be in stores and what not. It should be good exposure. I will have to do more Tornado Alley and quiet storm stuff.

Speaking of Tornado alley one of the things in this new book will be lots of Mainasha art. I don't usually do that but I want to start showcasing more original stuff.

Anyway I hope this illness goes away fast. I hate being sick. Have a good day yall.

God Bless

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