Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Set me on FIRE!!!

“Success isn’t a result of spontaneous combustion. You must set yourself on FIRE!” ~Arnold H. Glasow

Heard this on the Chui stream last night.

I am trying to set myself a blaze! I have to be successful. I am thinking of signing up for Stephen silvers class on Self publishing. It is $40 but I think it will be worth every second cause I want to start really getting into book publishing and stuff; learning more about it. I wish it was on DVD! I hate the idea I have to watch it on the school ism site and I can’t like just buy it and own it for myself.

I did another Chiu Stream tonight. I drew a Fat Drooling Zombie; inspired by going to see Zombie Land. IT WAS BAD ASSS! I really enjoyed it. What a fun movie. I got free tickets at the comic shop and though it was for 2 people I went alone because I couldn’t find anyone at the last minute to go. I took the day off because I had been staying up till like 4 every morning for like the last 4 days and not really sleeping the way I should for the last week. Tomorrow I will be back on the grind.

Funny thing; Someone walks up to me today when I was in Family Dollar getting tissue for my nose where I caught a cold, and told me I looked so sad and asked what they could do to make me feel better.

Sometimes I get really intense in thought and I think my face just goes blank and people mistake it for sadness. I have had that happen before. I just get in this zone thinking about everything I want to do and it really causes me to blank out. People will stop me and ask me what I am thinking about or why I look so sad.

I guess when you lead a very solitary life where you don’t interact with a lot of people you have habits that you develop that you are unaware of. Unfortunately that can sometimes be the life of an artist. Hours at the easel working, but not talking to people or leaving your house. No wonder people think artists are weird.

Hope you guys are inspired today.

God Bless


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