Thursday, July 7, 2011

Your Thought determine your life?

So I came across this video on youtube called "You can heal your life".

I love how the video starts out because the woman in this vid is completely me. But it is funny cause then they show every person saying the exactly same things to themselves and then you have that one happy person and the woman thinks they are annoying. I know a LOT of people like that. I love being around happy people. They make me feel more positive.

Anyway, so basically the video is about how our thoughts shape our life and how we can make choices to have different thoughts. In a since the thoughts we think can be just like the bad habits we develop. Sometimes the thoughts just happen by default. You will think the same things all the time over and over and it literally shapes the decisions you make.

When I told my karate teacher I could not sit on my knees, He said you are exactly right. Because essentially whether you say you can or you say you can’t you are always right. Honestly I think that is the absolute truth. Example, A person tells themselves they can’t lose weight and they will always be fat. That person in turn, lives out that thought until one day they decide they can lose weight and they will lose weight. Then slowly the weight begins to go away because their actions as a result of that thought will dictate the outcome.

I also think that sometimes we are programmed with certain bad thoughts. Your parents and the people you grow up with. Not to say they are to blame for all of your problems, but really just to say that they often convince us of thing through their own words and actions and we take it to heart and make it part of our lives.

In the bible, it says you should guard yourself, or protect yourself from bad influences. It also says you should choose every word very carefully. I think this idea that thoughts and words shape our lives shows a very good example of why.

If you spend all your time with negative selfish hateful people you will also become a very negative and selfish. Or is it the other way around? If you think negative and selfish thoughts will the only people that you attract or draw into your life be negative and selfish.

That is a crazy thing to think about. If you are a negative selfish unhappy person and you spend all your time with selfless loving people you are bound to change over time. You even transform your approach to life and how you treat others as a direct result. In the end no matter what kind of life you had as a child, as an adult the way you live and the thoughts you have and the words you speak are completely up to you. No matter how bad things may have been YOU as an individual will always have a chance to live as you see fit and change your environment as you see fit.

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