Tuesday, July 5, 2011

My hair is so cute!!!

I put in these chunky twists using a little bit of kinky twist hair to fill them out and they look AWESOME!! I have been working on keeping my hair moisturized and learning a great deal about hair PH and protective styles.

Did you know that your hair has a ph Balance of like 4.5 and that if you products that are way above or way below that it is very damaging on your hair. Especially soap. I had been trying got figure out for the longest why my hair was breaking off and I got so irritated that I stopped using shampoo and started doing Conditioning washes. That is where you wash your hair with conditioner basically. I also cut off about 2 inches.

It will grow back.

My hair is so much softer then it had been!! like I am so serious, it doesn't even tangle anymore it is so soft. I guess the shampoo was basically to harsh on it and it was causing my hair to break. I was literally dreading washing it every week cause every time I would go wash it I would have a wigs worth of hair on the floor. I was just pulling it out by the strand. I thought I was going bald!!

So then I found out the ph balance thing and why you shouldn't shampoo to often especially if your stuff is curly. the detergent literally breaks down your hair strand.

Some things I invested in for my hair care this month are:

Aloe Vera Juice (I am also growing my own aloe plant, cant wait till it is big enough to use the leaves in my shea butter mix,

Aubrey Island Naturals conditioner. The stuff is like 10 bucks but I am mixing it with other things and using it as a leave in so it should last a long time.

I usually use Herbal Essences Hello Hydration and a leave in but it has cone in it. Basically cones are like silicone based and they coat your hair strand like a plastic and keep it from getting good moisture. this explains why my hair in the back always feels dry and brittle no matter how much I condition.

I am using Burt's Bees for my conditioning wash cause it smells good and I like it lol. no reason other than that.

Check out my chunky twists.


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