Saturday, July 9, 2011

Flat foot progress?

So I have been doing my toe sit ups and foot stretches and ankle exercises and I have to admit. MY FEET ARE KILLING ME!! HA HA!! But I know when you start doing new things you are going to be soar.

But actually considering I have been living with over pronation for a long time I am seeing a feet actually dont look pancake flat anymore!! WOO HOO! And it didn't take all that long to see some of the changes either. But, old habits do die hard.

When I walk I have to mentally remember not to sickle my feet so I can push of on my big toe and keep my foot facing forward. in order to do that I have to constantly remind myself to physically lift my arches while walking or doing any other tasks. It is easy to feel lazy and just say you will give yourself a break or not worry about it but I know I cant do that. If I want to solve this issue I have to be as consistent as possible.

I want to consistantly work on my arch strength for a lest a month. Perhaps after that I will be less hard on myself but the way I see it, I will have to keep with the exercises for the rest of my life to avoid injury and fallen arches all aover again.

I am happy to be making progress though.

Thank you God for all your help.


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