Monday, September 21, 2009

Time Management

Mainasha falls out of bed yet again."Must get sleep."

I think one of my biggest obstacles in getting my own business running is Time Management. I have so many BAD TIME WASTING HABITS!!! it isn't funny. I have reading book about it too and here is one thing I learned that is kind of funny to me.

Apparently a very big time waster is not getting enough sleep. For many years now I have seemed to never get to bed before 12AM for what ever reason.

They say though if you actually get enough sleep you may have more time as a result for accomplishing your goals. It is even more funny is I was telling my mom yesterday if I didn't have to eat or sleep my life would be so much easier, but according to this, apparently not.

They listed a series of symptoms of people that just don't sleep enough and I fit almost every single one of them.

1. You bump into things more frequently than normal people do.
2. You slur your words
3. You have trouble digesting food.
4. You're short with people when normally you wouldn't be.
5. Your eyes are tired.
6. You have no energy or zest.
7. You need to wake up by alarm clock (many people wake up when they want to , on their own).
8. You don't want to face the day.
9. Even small tasks seem to loom larger.
10. Your life has achieved a level of fine monotony.
11. You find is easier to engage in tasks that don't involve talking to others.
12. As much as you hate going to the dentist, you find leaning back in the dentist's chair rather relaxing.
13. You find yourself nodding off in what are otherwise interesting and/or important meetings.
14. You "zone out" for unknown periods of time while working.

I suffer from almost every single one of these things, except the dentists office thing. I can never find anything nice about any doctor’s office.

But seriously I remember when my BF came to visit he commented on how clumsy I seem to be. I constantly bump into things or trip over things. I sometimes stammer over words and am having issues with bloating a lot, as well.

I have been falling asleep at work and school for YEARS!! I use to record lectures and just re-listen to them at home to make sure I didn't miss anything because I knew I wouldn't be able to stay up no matter what I did. I have even fallen asleep in the middle of conversations with friends, but according to every one I know they say, well Arie all you do is sleep. But, I can't see it. I honestly feel like I am always awake.

Things like sweeping the kitchen, taking time to eat and even washing dishes stress me out because I feel like man I don't have time for all that!

I hate talking when I first wake up and sometimes I hate talking period. I actually try to avoid conversations sometimes. I get annoyed and moody much easier than when I was younger, as well. And well, I have to say I am often known for being a bit of an air head. I have heard that joke be made to many times. “Is your name Arie cause you are airy?”

Seriously though, it gets worse with age. The older I get the harder it seems like it is to maintain that night owl way of living. I can't function on jobs where I have to be there in the morning at all. I will pass out in front of the computer. When I was at Mada my boss, in my evaluation, told me you know Arie you are a good worker, but I see you loose energy during the day and you get tired at your desk. He gave me a good review other than that.

I am suffering from sleep deprivation. OH MY GOD!!

So, what does this have to do with time management? Well, if I don't sleep at night I find I have to sleep sometime. I can be sitting at my drawing desk and just suddenly pass out. If I take an after noon nap it usually lasts for 3 HOURS or MORE!! To top it all off, I can go to sleep a few hours from than and sleep through the night.

One of the problems is that there are some people in my life that the only time I get to talk to them is at night. I find myself even getting off the phone early though and still not being able to settle down to sleep regardless of how tired I might actually be.

I use to think my diet was the problem and partially I believe it is was, so I changed it and things improved some, but until I really start sleeping on a schedule I might not ever find myself getting enough rest.

So I am setting some goals. I gotta where my big girl pants and start going to bed at night.

The book says it takes a month of sleeping on a schedule to really recover. Wish me luck.

God Bless,

True story, " In college, I use to fall asleep in the cafeteria at lunch and wake up and have no idea where I was."

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