Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Some Good News

"Never hurts to ask."

I’ve been hitting the drawing desk hard for the last few days. I find it sometime hard to tell people NO and it leads to delays in my drawing schedule. But I guess that is where thinking about priorities comes in.

I little more info I got from the time management for dummies book is that if you have to many priorities you have no priorities at all. This is true. You spread yourself too thin and you have no focus. So now I am learning to say no and really mean "no" when I have a job to do. I told my mom yesterday, as I walked into my room and closed the door, “See ya tomorrow." LOL!

It confused her, but what I was basically saying to her was, this is where I plan to be the rest of the day and night. I also turned off my phone. HUGE DISTRACTION! I just can not draw and talk on the phone at the same time. Not if I plan to be an active participant in the conversation.

Did I mention I am NOT a multi-tasker. I can't begin to understand how a person can do three things at once and give all 3, equal attention. Can't see how it is possible. When a person truly focuses on a task can they really do 2 other things and not have something suffer. I don't think so.

Anyway, on to the good news, I got my Baltimore Comic Con plane ticket today. Thanks to all that are buying $10 sketches as well as, those purchasing my other work and commissions. I made enough to get my plane ticket. I was going to go train of bus but they all average out to the same cost so I took a plane.

Still gotta cover hotel, convention, and food costs. Not to mention stuff for the table. God this time has gone fast! Still have so much to do!

God Bless,


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