Thursday, September 24, 2009

Craptastic Day!! YAY!

It has been one of those days for sure. everything started going wrong at like 1 am I aware and it has been down hill since then.

Deviant art took unexpected funds out of my bank account so now I am panicing to keep checks from bouncing.

Then one of the sketch cards I painter of Bruce Lee simply disappeared. So I had to re do it. On top of that i wanted to take care of some stuff today but I spent my morning going through garbage before the trash man came to make sure it wasn't there.

I ransacked my room and it never showed up. So I had to draw another one and hope the owner accepts it. I am exhausted because i have only had about 2 hour sleep from trying to stop the DA transaction on my account.

Plus I need to make new sketch cards so I can make some more money for the con and I need to And I am falling asleep at my desk so pardon the typo's. And I have a deadline tomorrow.

Today is not my day. I need to go to church.


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