Thursday, April 10, 2014


 Its funny, the mast 2 months have been a BIG learning experience. I have been working hard to start valuing my work more and be more confident about it, but sometimes it just seems like an uphill battle.

I few people at my job have this saying, “How do you get an artist to work for free? Tell them you like their art.” I think it speaks to how sometimes artists can undervalue there contribution to the world.

I even had to laugh to myself a bit because I know I am guilty of it. Often feeling like what I do is not important or means nothing to anyone else. Reminds me how my roommate told me her mom got surprised when she realized that she was actually making money from her crazy ideas and artwork. Do we undervalue ourselves cause we have been told what we do means nothing by some person in our past or family member?

I got really excited last month when I went to Planet Comic Con. (I will share some of the pics from that show below.)

It was so fun drawing for people and seeing friends I had not seen since last year, since I live in LA now, and just catching up and chatting with people. But one person in particular really made my day. A guy stopped by my table and asked if I had new Tornado Alley Comics. He was disappointed when I said no. Truth be told I never thought anyone really cared that much except for a few select people.

When people ask for my original creations I always get amazed. I have started to ask myself where does this come from. Why am I like this and does it really make any since at all? You know Spiderman was once someones original idea that no one else had ever heard of.

Ever since I created Big Booty Jane I have had nothing but encouragement. Its been such a wonderful experience knowing that I can create something and other people can enjoy it. Its part of why I do caricatures as well. I love handing that drawing over to the person and seeing there face light up. Its one of the few ways I feel like I can brighten someones day.

In a way its like you are giving a little of yourself to the other person. For me when they respond in a positive why its a sigh of relief. I feel like I am contributing to this big crazy world and others are enjoying it.

I don’t focus or draw my own character nearly enough. Doing it makes me feel such enjoyment. And knowing it much touch someone else is a even greater enjoyment.

So thank you to everyone out there that has been checking out my work all these years and showing support. It means a lot to me and I hope I am able to brighten your day every once in a while. That has true value.

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