Monday, April 7, 2014

Big Booty Jane!! Smutt Peddler!!

Been working on this thing since November last year and it is all finally coming together.  So excited. I am sorry I have not been posting more often.

My Short story will be Featured in Smutt Peddler 2014. This is the second volume and it features Adult fiction written and drawn by women. ( This book features adult themes guys so it not for the kids no mater how cute the drawing are.)

One of the rewards I am featured on includes one of my 2014 Daily Sketches Sketch book. (Sold Out).

 A Little about Jane:

Aside from her Wonderful Physical Attributes Jane is a space cop with a lot of attitude. She Kicks alien buts around the Galaxy and is also married to a awesome hubby who has his own special talents.

Check out some of my work in progress art for the comic.

  I have haad a lot of fuun working on this project. I hope to do more with her in the near future. I am also working on a pi up calendar which I thought would be a lot of fun to do.  Thanks everyone for checking out my stuff and checking out Big Booty Jane.

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