Monday, January 28, 2013

Universal Stories: Video Samples

Still pushing forward with the airbrush. I was told by some of the older artists that work here, that it could actually take months to get really good at the airbrush. I still have issues with making nice precise lines and doing any form of detail. Its actiallu pretty frustrating.

The other issue that is really important is speed. It takes me about 15-20 minutes to finish a couple. Not good in amusement park caricatures cause the faster you are the happier the customer will be and the more money you will make cause you are able to get people in and out of the chair fairly fast.

I been having a little pressure on the job to get good, as fast as possible, and to get my speed up as soon as possible. Speed and ability also seem to effect hours and location you will get to work in. The fastest and most skilled also get the best hours and get to work inside the park where there are often a lot more customer.

I guess thats how it is sometimes.

Anyway i wanted to share this video of Alex Casanova Airbrushing some customers. He just finished drawing 6 people and is now coloring them. It takes him literally 1 minute to add color to the face. He later goes back and adds shadows and details depending on how he feels. and time restraints.

Arie's Sketch Dump