Saturday, January 16, 2010

Power of Positivity

Have you ever found yourself around a person that is just happy positive upbeat and just seemed joyous and found yourself magnetically drawn to them. It is like there joy brightens your day and makes you feel like you are welcomed into there life.

I sometimes think we get so caught up in out own frustration in life that when we get the chance to be around someone that is just happy for you to be there with them just cause they like up it can be a breath of fresh air. I think it is why some people love children so much. Most kids that have not had to many tragic experiences in there lives are naturally joyous and I think people are drawn to that. It makes you feel welcomes and love that that person wants all your attention.

I think that positivity can be magnetic cause everyone wants a little joy in there day. People like laughing and smiling. It is why we will pay money to watch bad movies or go to comedy shows. We just want a few minutes of joy.

But, what if you could have that all the time. No strings attached. One thing I have found is that most of that joy really just comes from making a choice whether to sit and cry about a bad experience or to just let it roll off our back work to make it better and just thinking of the idea that the situation won't change regardless or if you are crying or smiling.

Personally I would just rather be smiling. Some of the bad things that can Happen often turn out to have an upside. If that think had not happened then it might not have opened up a better opportunity for your life. LIke for example a guy decides to rob you and they got caught. You are pissed and angry cause you got robbed but that happening to you might have ended up saving the life of someone they may have planned to hurt later that night. So which is worse, a little discomfort in a few minutes cause you got your wallet taken or finding out that He/She got caught and it lead them to find a person locked in the thief's house bound and gagged.

I have always been one to feel that things happen in our lives for a reason and not just cause the powers that be want to cause us pain or strife. I have also found that sometimes that bad thin leads to a better thing taking place later on down the line that could be a benefit.

Just think if you saw your bad experiences in your life as a blessing how much more joy you could have. How much easier it would be to walk away from something in your past that is holding you back.

Here are a few things I have been trying to do to increase my joy:

Complimenting at least one person a day. Making someone else feel good can make you feel good.

Listening to something positive at least once a day. There are plenty of bad things going on around you to listen to on a regular basis 2,3, or even 5 times a day, if you don't believe me just turn on the news.

Spending more time with people that are a good influence. Sometimes the people in your life can be very harmful because of the things they do and say.

Finding the good in a situation. If you are unhappy with your job sit and right a list of things that you do like bout it and focus on that instead.If you sincerely can't find anything good about it then maybe it is time to switch jobs.

Do something nice for someone or gift to someone that needs help.Write down a list of things you thing are good about yourself and

Stand in the mirror and tell yourself just how great you think you are. Sometimes negative self talk can be the main reason we are unhappy. Many people get up in the morning to brush there teeth and the entire time they are looking in the mirror they curse there own existence.

Maybe it is time to change that. Don't just see the good in others, see the good in yourself and heck your whole day might be better.


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