Friday, January 15, 2010


I don't know how many people out there are giving on a regular basis but I have been trying my best to work on being more positive lately and in doing to I find myself listening to people that are trying to pass on the word or God and talking about prosperity through the teachings of the bible.

One of the topics that I find keeps coming up is giving. Giving to others even if you only have a little bit to give and if you have children, raising them to be givers as well. ( I remember when I was coming up, that if someone called our home asking for donation the answer was usually no on account we needed our own money just as bad or more than they probably did.)

They say that when you give it will improve your life and make you more happy and that even just giving a little will bring good things back to you. I wonder how really true that is. But, even more, I wonder how many people out there give of there time and money on a regular bases? I don't mean just paying your tithe and offering at church but also to others that really need it. What are the blessings that you have recieved in your own life as result of being generous to others?

One thing I have seen is that people that are very selfish can sometimes seem to experience a lot of hard ship. when they do wrong towards others it seems they get a lot of wrong doing back. Does it work the same way with generosity. When you show you care buy doing for others do you get that same love and appreciation back?

Can it make your business more prosperous? Can it improve your quality of life physically and spiritually? How often do you give?

God Bless,


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