Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Arie, Warrior Princess?

Sometimes I feel like I ma in a constant battle to get ahead in life. It can be tiring I have to say.

I am currently swamped in work. One of the first times that has happened. The problem is that I don't get paid till the work is done so on top of that I have to try and sell stuff to pay bills till the work is done. I am still happy though, this will be the first time I have ever had this many professional jobs on my freelance plate so I know it is a blessing in disguise.

Current Projects include:

26 page comic book
50 sketch card for Moonstone Set(5finity)
80 sketch cards for Fairy Land Set (Sad Littles)
30 quick sketches (Baltimore fund raiser)
10 9 x 12 Painting commissions (from the last year or so)

Total I have about 200 illustrations and the are all due yesterday.

Just this past weekend I completed 50 sketch cards for Mandy card set (5finity) and I took a few days off after that to catch up on sleep. Last week when the BF visited I pulled allnighters every day up until a few days after he left. So I had to take a few days off when the Mandy cards got done. I had no choice I was exhausted.

I feel like a night time warrior. Attacking art when it's not looking. Stalking it and then praying upon it. Or you could also call me a working girl(art prostitute). Honestly it will be interesting to see if I can actually complete all this work.

I have deadlines up through January. After that I plan to take a little break and working on some personal projects.

I guess I am living up to the Drawlikecrazy name these days! :D

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