Thursday, August 13, 2009

PVC Pipe Convention Display Tutorial

Ok as promised, here is the PVC pipe tutorial. I sketched out a drawing of how I wanted my display to look.

What you need:

5 pieces PVC Pipe (5 foot each)
4 little end cover things (slip)
2 elbows for the top (slip)
4 of the connectors shaped like a T (slip)
1 junior hack saw for cutting metal
1 cloth or curtain to create your back drop.

I decided to buy the 3/4in wide pipe but you can get it in any size you want. I chose this size cause it was lighter and easier to carry. I went to Lowe's and got it just cause it was close but I am sure any hardware store will have what you need.

I decided on what sizes I wanted and I decided 6 ft by 4 ft would be good so, using my hack saw, I cut 12 inches off of two of my 5 ft pieces of pipe.

Next, I took one of my 5 ft pieces and cut it in half. This will be used for my feet so I cut all those in half again so I had 4 pieces all together.

The two small pieces I have left over from cutting things down to 4ft will be used to extend my 5 ft pieces to 6 ft. I will put one of the 4ft bars in the center and the other will go across the top.

Here is the layout of the stand.

I attach the elbow joints and I attach the feet parts to the bottom and stand it up to see how the frame sits and if it is stable.

After that, I laid it back down and I took my red curtain and slid it on the top bar.

(Sorry the pic is so dark)

I took some time and hemmed up the bottom to make the curtain more fitted to the stand. I also took some yarn of the same color and attached it down the sides to secure the curtain as well.

So how will I hang my work you ask?

I was thinking about getting some of my prints laminated and attaching velcro to the back and then I can Velcro the art up to the curtain and not have to worry about it falling. Now, many people can see my name and art clearly when they pass my table and I can use the table space for my personal books and other pieces of my personal artwork.

God Bless,

Arie's Sketch Dump