Thursday, July 23, 2009

Zatanna Pinup Art Walk Through

Here is a walk through showing the process for getting to a finished piece. This was a commission done for a wonderful guy that wanted to help me out with going to the Mid Ohio Comic Con. Hope you enjoy and that it give you a little incite on my process.

1. I start with a doodle on some loose typing paper. I often do a series of them untill I find one that the client might enjoy.

2. From here I blow the pic up by either scanning and reprinting it to size or using a photo copier. This allows me to keep the fluidity of the original sketch that I other wise might loose from just redrawing the image at a larger size.

3. I ink and paint the image. Often I will use a color ink liner (prisma makes some really nice ones now) so I can have a color hold effect on the line work. I think it makes the image look brighter. I will paint on either watercolor paper or Bristol board using Dr. Martin transparent watercolors. They are bright, but can fade over time so I also spray the image with a UV protecting acrylic clear gloss spray fixative.

That's all folks hope you enjoy.

God Bless,

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