Thursday, February 7, 2013

Universal Stories: Everyday I'm Hustlin

No seriously! Everyday I am expected to get out there and get my hustle on! One of the requirements of a caricature artists especially in the slow season is to try and bring in new customers as best as we can.  This last week we started a $5 off sale on the black and whites and what ends up happening is we get more customers wanting to take advantage of the sale.

Anyway, I generally like to practice to draw attention when things are slow. here is a recent one I did.
This would have been Justin Beiber but a lady walked by and saw me drawing him and wanted the drawing for her daughter in Australia! So she bought it just as I was finishing it! Oh Yeah!

Anyway, did this pic of Rihanna. she is wearing sun glasses so it makes her seem like she could be anyone. I need to get a better picture.

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