Monday, October 12, 2009

So Tired (will edit this later)

It is my first day back since the convention And I am exhausted. i am so glad I took a flight instead of the bus or train because I would have still been on the road getting home even at this moment. I slept until like 3pm I was so tired and now I am about to get back to drawing. I have a lot of quick sketches to get done so I want to get on the ball and knock them out.

Thanks to everyone that stopped y the table and that took time to view both me and Sherry's work. Also thanks to those that bought sketch books and prints and sketches at the table. Special thanks to Tom Andress! It was a very special surprise to get to meet him and speak with him at the convention. he has been a long time supporter of both me and Sherry. It was a great honor.

I met so many great artists and talked to so many wonderful people. I also learned a great deal about my work and my audience by being able to have so many people come by and look at my stuff.

Thanks to everyone that helped to get me to this convention by purchasing my work through commissions and on ebay! This has all been a great blessing.

I still have some sketch books left and many prints as well I will be making those available soon to whoever wants them.

God Bless you all!

Arie's Sketch Dump