Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Its Over and it's a New Day

So, I did leave my job. I put in my 2 weeks notice and a new girl came in to train yesterday. I decided it would be the best choice from me though. No matter how I looked at it I just didn't want to be there and it effected my ability to work with the people I was taking care of.

I just kept running this thought threw my mind, "If this was my last day on earth is this where I would want to be?" And the answer was always NO NO NO!! I know I am taking a chance by walking away from having a job to having no income except when I draw but, the the way I see it, as an artists that wants to make this a career I NEED TO GROW UP!! I can't expect others to take me seriously if I don't even take my own self seriously right. This is what being an artist envolves. Sitting down at a drawing board and staying there and creating.

I have set some goals and I want to be consistent in every way possible. THIS IS MY CALLING AND MY PASSION! THERE IS NOTHING ELSE I WANT MORE!

The truth is I just can not allow myself to work in fields that I don't enjoy anymore. No retail no day care nothing. If it isn't art related I just don't have the drive to do it. I might show up but I am not there mentally.

Everyone I talk to says Arie you can't just quit your job and not have a replacement job but I do have a replacement. I AM A FREAKING ILLUSTRATOR!! Of course, it is not a regular 9-5, but there is no rule book that states "in order to make a comfortable living you have to work at Walmart" or Caring Hands or any other job that demands 90 percent of my daily life mentally physically and emotionally. I think when a person works for someone else for years and never has anything to show for it except a social security check when they retire early they may as well have lived there entire life a slave.

I WANT TO BE FREE DAMN IT! I WILL DO ANYTHING TO GET IT! well not anything but you know what I mean.

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