Sunday, August 30, 2009

I'm so Exhausted!!

Man this weekend so so over stimulating. When that happens I forget things I hate that. But I met so many amazing people and hung out and had a great time. Even got songs played in exchange for a drawing. It really lightened a the mood.

Some of the amazing people I hung with this weekend were:

Ana Marie Cool:

Lawless Times Comics:

Gaelyn McGhee:

Amber Stone:

Dr. Fantastic:

Steve Daniels and his Wife: Dark Hopper Comic Strip

Rick Stacy:

Ed Bickford and his Bro:

And there were many many more wonderful people there. I am very sorry if I didn't give you your props note me and you will be added.

Special Thanks to The Mo-Kan Staff and especially Keith Briggs who provided me with a table on the day of the Convention.

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